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Web development, seo and online marketing services

We create modern, functional websites to capture your target audience and convert visits to sales.

We also help with website repair and site maintenance, offering an onging monthly package in support.

Website Services

From Website Starter Packages to fully interactive E-Commerce sites, we have a solution for you. Wow factor sites, built with solid SEO foundation to reach favourable Google rankings .. that's our business.

With the focus on working with local business, delivering the best possible results for your online sales & marketing campaign, Catchy web design offers fantastic returns on investment against measurable progress.

Website Designer

Modern and fresh websites, designed to navigate users to their item and ensure they can access the information they need. Making it easy for people to buy.

Website developer

Building robust, secure CMS (content management software) Drupal that can be developed on as your business grows. We can help you with a standard information website, also add payment or registration options and full shopping facilities or interactive customer/multi user platforms. Catchy web design offers secure, bespoke website development.

Website Repair

Catchy web deign can help you fix your existing website, after a full analysis and detailed report, we can repair any faults and modernise at the same time.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

We can help you create more sales opportunities, by making your website services and products more visible to the people searching online for them. Catchy web design will show you how many average monthly searches there are and them help you attract those visitors.

Browser to Sales Conversion

Taking the time to understand how visitors will navigate your website, will help increase the sales conversions from browsers to customers. We invest the extra time making sure your website navigation suits visitors, so quickly access all the information they need to make the purchase there and then.

Website Maintenance

It is very important for both website security, SEO and user experience to maintain your website. Software and security updates are available on a regular basis, which must be installed for premium performance.

GDPR Compliance

Has been the law since May 2018, fines are serious and not worth the risk. All websites designed and developed by us are GDPR Compliant and include a personalised cookies and privacy policy.

Google Business Listing

Often overlooked, but a google business listing is a powerful local search tool. We offer a one off service to claim and update your Google business listing, but also update Google and part of our monthly package.

Social Media Portfolio

As part of a complete online campaign, our monthly package includes posting to your social media profile and linking your business social media activity to your website.

Short Video

Can be a fantastic way to showcase your products and services, on your website and social media profile. Making it easier for customers to understand the benefits and ultimately to buy. Catchy web design can help you for as little as £240 per video.

Free Help Consultation

We'll cut through the jargon and help you in plain English, understand how your website is performing and to make best use of your online profile.

We are ready to help you today, create more sales opportunities.

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Starter Package website is suited to local business with a limited budget, but keen to to showcase their products and services online. A shop front on the new high street, the...

Website Starter Packages
Catchy web design


Getting serious about attracting new business? Organic search engine ranking can help your business grow, that is natural searches online for your products and services. For...

Small Business Website Packages
Catchy web design


Bespoke website tailored to your business Perhaps you need a website with extra functionality, enhanced user experience or just the option to process an order online. We can help...

Bespoke websites tailored to your business and enhanced for user experience
Catchy web design


There is absolutely no point in developing a website, especially a professional website with time and money invested, without backing that up with a well-planned and executed...

Complete Website Packages
Catchy web design


No hidden Obligation, Completely Free Help for Local Business We understand that it can be very difficult for local businesses to identify the best way to promote themselves...

Free Help For Local Businesses
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It is the law! and has been since May 2018 GDPR is designed to protect everyone's privacy.  The law has been changed to make this compulsory on all websites that uses Cookies or...

Website GDPR Compliance Is Really Important
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Setting up and monitoring your business Google Profile is really important. Offering up helpful information about your business online activity and another opportunity to engage...

Your Business Google Profile includes a Google Business listing
Catchy web design


Common scenario Ok great the new website is live, after some serious time and effort, there are huge expectations of a return on this investment of. However, all too often,...

Website Maintenance and SEO for successful sites

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Why choose Catchy web design

We are a family run web developer, who understands the importance of getting your business online quickly, effectively and on budget.

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Sheil Road Dental Practice
Anne Southern

We have been working with Catchy Web Design for a very long time, and as always, are impressed and satisfied with the website SEO work being carried out and the results we get. WE have managed to increase our surgery capacity from three surgeries to an impressive seven surgeries.  Our enquiries for new NHS patients has increased dramatically as well which has helped us grow as a business.They are very thorough, and knowledgeable – which gives us confidence that we are getting the best care for our site. It is imperative we are in the best hands when it comes to SEO and web design, as we understand the importance of SEO and the effect this has on getting new business. All we can say is - we are more than happy and we would fully recommend Catchy Web Design to help you with the design and layout of your website and their help to get your business noticed on Google.

Catchy web design
GMB Trade Union
Terry Mellor

We have worked closely with CATCHY Web Design for a number of years now.  They have been involved in developing our website from scratch, which included the design, layout and even the content for the site.  Catchy Web Design created our social media presence and they have spent valuable time making sure they understand our needs and those of our members. They have filmed and produced professional quality videos from our conferences and events and Cecil and Candice always provide a friendly and extremely helpful service, nothing is too much trouble. They have become an essential part of our team.

Web Designers in Warrington, Catchy web design, ready to help you

web designers Warrington Catchy web design full website package

Web designers in Warrington, Catchy web design, delivering the full website package.

Services include website design, web development, SEO, website maintenance, google business listing, social media accounts and online profile campaigns.

Our jargon busting approach will help you understand what we are doing every step of the way, making sure you have complete control on how that fits with your business needs. Everything we do for you is measurable and checked against independent SEO check sites.

Your website is not a stand alone sales & marketing tool, the best performing websites are part of a complete sales and marketing plan with an organised online profile.

Website Design

We design websites that are suited to the latest web browsers; making it easy for your website visitor to navigate, find the information they want and buy your products & services. As professional web designers we invest the extra time to create a great looking website that also works for you, converting new sales opportunities.

Website Development

We develop websites using Drupal CMS (content management system), designed for the end user to update and upload new content themselves. We especially like Drupal over WordPress for example, because of the added security and extra development options.

Drupal is great for a business website, easy for the end user and fantastic for added features like shopping or customers login profiles.

Click here for more information on our small business website package


Search engine optimisation (seo) starts at the website design and development stage, the ‘’key search queries’’ that are associated with your products and services should be built into the framework of your website. In technical terms H1 tags, meta descriptions, Alt text and tags etc. must be preplanned for the best possible long term SEO results, which of course takes time and often the reason a website developed correctly costs a bit more.

There are online tools available to check your website score and produces a report on the work that needs to be done to improve your website SEO score. Here is an example (click to download report)

Catchy web design

Website Maintenance

Ongoing website maintenance is really important for best possible performance. Software and security updates are available on regular intervals, installing these will keep your website safer and help maintain website performance. Browser version control is really important for a better visitor experience, keeping people on your website and giving them every opportunity to buy. Click here for more information on website maintenance

Website Repair

Websites not built with an SEO plan or with the search engine guidelines can be repaired and results improved relatively quickly, we are a Warrington website design company that can help you with that. The best place to start is with an independent online SEO checker and a detailed discussion with you about your target audience, then we’ll research the most popular ‘’key search queries’’ suited to your business and then set about building them into your website. Click here for more information on website repair


Warrington website design company, Catch web design, is a local independent web designers in Warrington and we are ready to help you take control of your complete online profile.


Get in touch today, we are ready answer all your questions and help you take control of your online profile.