Be aware of scare tactics used by some seo companies, better to stick with a local website designer

I came across, no names mentioned, a company that approached a customer of ours with a report that declared ‘Basically your business is invisible to Google’ and used terminology such as ‘It is a permanent solution’. Of course these terms were carefully selected to cause panic and concern for the business owner. Designed to force immediate action, encouraging the owner to seek instant remedy.

Here are a few tips to look out for,

  • Do they use a business email?

Many will use and email from a free service, for example or, too easy to abandon and create a new one.

  • Is it linked to a valid website?

You should expect someone giving you advice about the internet to at least have a website to showcase their work and services; you will be surprised how many do not.

  • And with a physical address?

Without a valid physical address you should be wary, even the search engines are not too keen on websites without a verified physical address.

  • Are they making outrageous claims of instant success for cheap?

As tempting as it may be to have a go and see, unfortunately these quick fixes can cause long term damage to your online campaign and be costly to rectify.

I suggest you take a moment to think about the basic idea of a search engine, google/yahoo/bing.

People use search engines to source information, which the search engines deliver for free, with the focus on attracting as many users as possible. With enough users, search engines can charge advertising for companies on high traffic pages. Simply put the search engines need quality information to deliver accurate replies to queries, so by making sure your website is content rich you are making your website useful to the search engines.

Forget about quick fixes, your website like you business needs constant attention.

Catchy web design is a local website designer in Warrington, working with local business to help them get the best from the internet for their business.