Sales Finder website package

Sales Finder website package by Catchy web design

New Sales finder website package for the complete seo solution - £1850

Create new sales opportunities with our new sales finder website package, including organised and planned seo built in for best possible results.

Reaching out to potential customers who do not know about your business, but actively looking for your products and services.

New opportunities that were not available to you before.

So what does that really mean?

We will target ‘’key search queries’’ suited to your products and services, aiming or the highest possible ranking.

For example we know that there is over 2000 searches each month for ‘’dentist in Liverpool or Liverpool dentist’’, so that is a valuable key search query for a dentist in that city.

Everything we do it tested against industry standards, by independent online checkers and all key word research is checked and verified via Google adwords tool.

Who is this website package aimed at?

Business people serious about a planned and measured online Sales & Marketing campaign, who understand the power of the internet and how to make it work for their business.

It doesn’t matter what the size of your business, if you have products & services people are using search engines to find; then you will definitely benefit from a professional Drupal cms (content management system) with built in planned SEO (search engine optimisation) to reach favourable ranking and increase visitors to your website.

If there are, for example, 500 monthly Google searches for your product or service and we could convert 5% on those searches into new sales opportunities.

What could the value be for those 25 opportunities each month?

Visitors that have an interest in your products & services.

Drupal CMS has great seo features and added security too, our Sales Finder package is great value that delivers measurable results.

What are you getting extra v Small Business Package?

  • Most importantly your Sales Finder website will be optimised, opening new sales opportunities that would not normally be there.
  • SEO (search engine optimisation) to the highest industry standards.
  • One month FREE seo package support (worth £225)

What do we need from you?

You will need to provide written content, graphics (images/logo etc) for your website and agree site map layout before we get started.

We can offer copywriting & graphics services if you need help with your written content or graphics.

Included are 10 Free stock images, others can be purchased if needed (£15 each).

New sales online

What will you get for your money?

  1. Custom home page
  2. up to 20 pages
  3. CMS content management system, easy upload for you to add, modify or remove content from your website.
  4. Phone/Tablet Responsive
  5. Professional site speed
  6. Hand over with video instruction
  7. I year hosting & site back ups
  8. SSL certificate for 1 year
  9. Domain registration
  10. Contact webform
  11. Cookies & privacy policy
  12. social media links install
  13. 10 free stock images
  14. video frames
  15. Google analytics install
  16. SEO analysis and plan
  17. Identify & install key words
  18. H1 tag, meta descriptions, alt image
  19. search engine submission
  20. One month FREE seo package support

Adding extra value

AND one month FREE seo package support (value £225 per month), that includes

  • Ongoing SEO targetting planned key search queries
  • News story uploads
  • Weekly Social media posts
  • Google Business listing posts and information updates
  • Website maintenance
  • Content updates or changes
  • Website software & security updates
  • Web browser version updates
  • Monthly reports, Google analytics
  • Ongoing online sales & marketing support and advice
  • Reduced rates on further website development

complete website package

Hosting includes

  • business emails
  • website database files hosting
  • backups

It takes time to develop a quality website, built professionally to function as it should. You will always get what you pay for, a cheap quick fix is not a long term business solution.

We charge £40 per hour and £80 per hour for senior developer time. We would expect to produce a starter level website in 10 or 15 days, with about 40 developer hours allocated and couple of hours for a senior developer.

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