Complete Website Packages

Catchy web design

There is absolutely no point in developing a website, especially a professional website with time and money invested, without backing that up with a well-planned and executed online marketing campaign which our website developer in Warrington can help you with. That would be like building the most fantastic showroom in the middle of the desert, without a single customer in sight.

Developing a website is only part of any successful online marketing campaign.

Search engines, like Google, can be useful for both ‘organic search query’ ranking and PPC (pay per click advertising). They offer a route to your potential customers, with PPC the more direct option and usually the more expensive.

  1. PPC – pay per click advertising is the adverts you will often see on the sides and top of a standard search. The search engine will use cookies and the search you entered to offer up the relevant advertising. Advertisers pay per click on their advert.
  2. Organic search query ranking is reliant on how your website has been developed, how relevant your website content is and the activity on your website. There is no charge from the search engines, but it will take time and effort moving your key search queries up the rankings.

Our complete online marketing campaigner is designed to offer you both options, quick direct PPC and supported with a solid search engine optimisation program.

This package includes,

• Drupal CMS website

• Complete SEO Monthly Package x 12 months (click here for more info)

• £500 start and 12 monthly payments of £450 with a review at the end of this term

Complete online campaigner - £500 only to start

• Up to 10 pages

• Home/about/contact/news/services with services pages or products

• 10 Free licensed stock images

• Social media account links/integration

• SEO foundation, all pages

• Google account creation/tracking installed/analytics set

• Google business page listing

• Main directory registrations

• Ave 21 days complete

• PPC and Facebook boost advertising

• Part of a Complete Monthly SEO Package

Website basics, all websites include

• Key search query analysis & advice

• CMS (Drupal) content management system

• Sliders, contact forms, video frames

• 5 Free licensed stock images

• Social media account links

Extras include

• Pages £75 each or £110 with SEO

• Smartphone/Tablet compatible £175

• Separate smartphone/tablet version

• Domain name registration and hosting

• Written content by professional copywriter

• Professional photographer or video