Free Help Consultation, understand your Online Profile

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Free Help Consultation, understand your Online Profile

We understand that it can be very difficult for local businesses to identify the best way to promote themselves online, with so much jargon and exaggerated claims of online success, many are fearful of wasting precious sales & marketing budgets with absolutely no return.

There are real opportunities, especially for local business to engage with customers and new prospective customers online, so we decided the best way to help people identify this potential is to offer a Free Help session. During our one on one personal help session I will be happy to answer all your questions, investigate the true potential of you your business online, how that can be achieved and how to measure progress.

Our objective is to help you collect all the right information, so that you can make the right decision for your business and put in place measures with accountability.  

Learn how to measure your websites performance.

Other local businesses are making good use of their online portfolios to interact with their existing customers and attract new ones, competing with big business. If you have any doubts that your website/social media campaign is not doing enough or you are unsure about how effective it is, then you will surely benefit from a free help consultation.

make your website work for you

I will be able to show you how to:

• see how many Google searches there are for your products & services

measure your websites performance

• how to link your social media profiles with your website

Having the right tools to plan and measure any online sales & marketing will give you the power to make an informed decision on how to best go about that for your business. 

If you are based within a 15 mile radius of us near Burtonwood, then you are eligible for a Free Help consultation and I will be happy to meet at your offices or here if you prefer.

During our time together I will happily answer all your questions, do my best to leave you a good understanding of the basics of online sales & marketing and the tools to make an informed decision on what will suit your business.

Drive New Sales online

Before we get together I will do a little research in advance,

• Your industry and market

• Competition

• Key word/phrase potential

Remember there is no charge for this website consultation and you are completely obligation free, take advantage today and get in touch


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