Google Analytics and Google Business listing

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Google Analytics and Google Business listing

Setting up and monitoring your business Google Profile is really important. Offering up helpful information about your business online activity and another opportunity to engage with potential customers in a positive way.

There are two main parts,
• Google Business Listing
• Google Analytics Account

Google business listing

Your Google Business listing is associated with your business location and Google maps.

Your listing has to be verified confirming the physical address of your business, which is done with a verification pin code posted by Google or telephone to your business landline by a Google representative.

You can highlight products and services here, helping customers locate you through Google maps and organic search queries associated to location. Easy contact information like telephone, web address and even directions to your business is offered to the user.

Even if you don’t have a website, a Google Business Listing is essential for any business.

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A Google Analytics account tracks and records the activity of users to your website, on your website and when they leave your website. It is a FREE tool offered by Google, with Google tracking ID installed linked to Google email user.

You can pull regular reports, helping you keep track of user activity on your website.
• How many users
• Where they come from
• How long they stay
• What pages they are looking at
• Search queries and ranking

Vital information for your online marketing campaign.

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We can help set these up, done professionally with images sized correctly and information posted accurately. We will guide you through the process, install Google tracking ID and arrange your Google Business Listing verification.

Why do we have to charge for what are free services offered by Google?

Essentially we are charging you for our time, at £275 it's about a day rate. You can can it all yourself, if you have the time and experience needed to get the job done properly.

We will,

  • Install Google Tracket ID into your website
  • Create analytics account and link that to your website
  • Marry with Google webmaster toolkit
  • Run Google robots test and carry out any suggested changes
  • Claim or create a Google Business listing
  • Populate content with text and images sized correctly
  • There are options to upload video and images from inside your business

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