PPC Pay per Click Advertising

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PPC Pay per Click Advertising

The fastest route to customer engagement, making use of facebook or google pay per click advertising. Reach out and engage with new markets and create new sales opportunities.

With a direct approach and clear understanding of your target audience, you can create and online Pay per Click campaign to engage with them at very affordable rates. Especially suited to a localised or specific audience, your message can reach these people quickly and effectively.

Choose your audience, location and demographics or mix that up with a variety of options to help identify the best suited to your products and services.

Reach thousands of people for as little as 1p per view.

PPC Pay per Click advertising with Catchy web design, for fast direct access to new sales opportunities.

Pay per Click

How can we help you?

Our experience will help you quickly identify the best campaign plan for your products and services, reach more people and get results faster.

We can help you create a video specifically or series to maintain your reach.

We’ll also help you understand the results of your pay per click advert.

What does it cost?

The advertising costs as per Google or Facebook are charged at that rate. £100 is a good place to start with your localised or specific campaign, we often see results at this level of investment.

We charge £35 per campaign to create and manage your campaign.

PPC great return on investment

What should you know about PPC?

Pay per Click advertising on Google is key word related and on facebook profile related.

Google advertising as competition for place on google searches that are key word related, so you are in direct competition to other companies looking for exposure to those key words too. The cost is relative, with the most competitive searches being the most expensive.

Facebook is based on the user profile, so age or interest for example, with adverts showing in the user page or videos they are watching.

For most companies though, a localised targetted campaign will probably offer the best returns.

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