Website GDPR Compliance Is Really Important

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It is the law! and has been since May 2018

GDPR is designed to protect everyone's privacy.  The law has been changed to make this compulsory on all websites that uses Cookies or collect people's personal information.

Why do you need to be GDPR compliant?

It is now the law that your website is GDPR compliant. Your site will not be permitted to collect any data legally from clients through the site without it. That means you will not be allowed to take any communications from clients as it is a data collecting exercise. You will not be allowed to run Google analytics from the site either and your site will not be allowed to use Cookies which means it cannot run effectively.

There are a number of checklists and policies that will need to be implemented on websites.  We can provide this service to you and give you an overview of how the GDPR legislation affects how you store data, process payments online (if applicable) and how you communicate with your clients within your organisation.  All of our GDPR compliance policies are drafted by a Solicitor so you can be assured that all the legal requirements of GDPR are covered.

The fine for not being compliant is 20million Euros or 4% of your turnover (whichever is the greatest sum)


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A few key points

  • Consent, in plain terms users will need to ''opt in'' and give consent for the use of their data. The user must also have easy access to withdraw that consent.
  • Right to access, users have the right to request free of charge all the information held on them and what it is used for.
  • Right to be forgotten, entitles the data subject to have all data relevant to them erased.

Here is a link to an easy read resource for more information -

GDPR Compliance is included for all new websites we develop, but we can add a personalised GDPR policy for £275 (shopping etc type sites will need a more complex policy, priced per project)

If you are considering updating your website, creating a brand new WOW factor website or just want an online presence, Catchy web design can help you create the perfect site for your target audience and it will be GDPR compliant too.


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