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Professional CMS (content management system) website Starter Package - £495

Who is this website package aimed at?

New businesses or companies new to the internet, wanting to have an online presence. Without an online sales and marketing campaign it will only offer limited ‘’key search’’ query visitors, but will be perfect to direct customers to. A brochure website.

You can showcase your products and services, opening times and contact details for example.

CMS or content mangement system versus template based alternatives

The alternatives are ultimately more expensive and much more time consuming for you, often limited in function and don’t display correctly. Your own CMS website will be professionally built for you, designed for you to upload and amend content yourself from there.

Also the alternatives change fees for website extra, that build up and very quickly far outweigh the build cost of a professional cms website. And you Drupal cms can be built on, growing with your business.

professional site great price

What will you get for your money?

  1. Custom home page, with stock image
  2. 5 pages
  3. CMS content management system, easy upload for you to add, modify or remove content from your website.
  4. Phone/Tablet Responsive
  5. Professional site speed
  6. Hand over with video instruction
  7. I year hosting & site back ups
  8. SSL certificate for 1 year
  9. Domain registration

catchy website support

Hosting includes

  • business emails
  • website database files hosting
  • backups

It takes time to develop a quality website, built professionally to function as it should. You will always get what you pay for, a cheap quick fix is not a long term business solution.

We charge £40 per hour and £80 per hour for senior developer time. We would expect to produce a starter level website in 4 or 5 days, with about 10 developer hours allocated and couple of hours for a senior developer.

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