Short Video to reach more People and New Sales

Catchy web design video

Effective and affordable short video services, will help customer engagement and sales conversion.

Short Video is a great way to boost engagement with your target audience. Potential customers respond well to short videos explaining the workings and benefits of products & services. Video can increase conversions by as much as 80%.

Boosting a short video Pay per Click advert can generate emmidiate attention and customer engagement, the fastest route to market does not have to be expensive. For a few hundred pounds you can reach 1000’s of people.

Video embedded into your website pages is also good for SEO, which means driving more traffic to your site. Users spend more time on your website and Google owns Youtube, so it improves your ‘’bounce rate’’ (percentage of users that leave your website after viewing only one page). Having a low bounce rate is excellent for SEO and means the visitor experience to your website is effective.

A promotional video is easy to share on your social media profile, easier for people to engage with and share with others. Compared with a written article video is the winner on all levels, making it easier for your potential customers to understand the benefits of working with you.

A short 30 to 60 sec video, to the point and informative, allows the viewer to investigate the reasons to purchase quickly and clearly. Video engages even the laziest of buyers, people with no time to read detailed descriptions and respond to a short video better. Video offers a great return on investment.

Short Promotion Video gives you everything customer engagement, sales conversion, seo and a return on investment.

We can help you produce short video/s,

  • Introduce key people in your business

  • Highlight a product services & benefits

  • Promote specials

On average we can produce a short video in about 6 hours, including shooting and producing your video using Adobe Premier Pro for £240. Here are some examples,