website seo googe keyword planner

Understanding the SEO (search engine optimisation) potential of your website is vital if you are expecting website visitors interested in your products and services. Volume website traffic, not interested in your products and services, is of no use to you and actually detrimental to your site ranking with the search engines.

There are no tricks or quick fixes, planning in advance is a must.

Volume website traffic will not lead to any sales, one interested visitor is more valuable than 100 volume-driven clicks. That one interested visitor, someone who actually searched for a ‘’key search query’’ associated with your site, will spend a bit more time investigating the features and benefits of your products and services. Giving you the best possible chance of converting that person into a sales opportunity, versus random site traffic who ‘’bounce’’ off your site after clicking onto only one page.

The search engines measure the ‘’bounce’’ rate of your website, websites with a low bounce rate will rank better than those with a higher rate.

Google has a tool that you can access for free, keyword planner, that will help you research and identify the key search queries that are best suited to your business. It is linked to Google AdWords, but you don’t have to pay for advertising to make use of this tool.

Google Keyword Planner will show you,

  1. keyword options
  2. ave monthly searches
  3. competition level

Absolutely perfect for identifying the best-suited search queries.

Take the time to list your main products and services, thinking about what people might search to find them online. Run them through the keyword planner in their relevant groups, making adjustments depending on the results presented.

Google keyword planner will allow you to download a .csv file with your results, so you can discuss with the rest of your team and web developer. Once you have identified the search queries best suited, that should form the basis of your website SEO and something you can track & measure.

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