Google Keyword Planner

UNDERSTANDING THE KEY SEARCH QUERIES best suited to your products and services must be your starting point, before you build a website or start any updates and repairs.

These are the search terms people using Google input. Most importantly, referred to as ‘’organic traffic’’, because these website visitors are FREE and not directed from any paid campaigns.

To ensure your website attracts all the FREE visitors that are interested in your products & services, your website must prove to the search engines that your website content will meet the need of the person searching. The search engines are reliant on offering useful results or risk losing users.

There is so much jargon, cheap seo and promises of large website traffic volume; I can understand why people don’t always investigate this fully and rather rely on their website designer for seo advice. Unfortunately, not all website designers are seo compliant and the reason such a high percentage of websites built do not score well when tested v seo industry standards.

I recently came across a website with the most impressive professional opening video, which must have cost a bundle. When I researched their website traffic, the volumes were very low (less than 10 per search term). Even though their main products have UK Google monthly searches of 1000 – 10 000, they did not feature in the top 9 places and someone else is fielding those enquiries.

All that money spent on a really nice website and quality video, but absolutely no return on investment.

How can you check what ‘’keywords’’ suit your business?

Google Keyword Tool is easy to use, https://ads.google.com/intl/en_uk/home/tools/keyword-planner/. Designed for Adwords, but a great tool to see how many searches there are each month.

What should you do once you have identified your keywords?

Update the H1 tags (headings) and meta descriptions on your web pages to reflect the written content. Also run and independent seo to checker to test against industry standards, making repairs.

SEO is not a cheap after thought, only websites designed with a planned ‘’keyword’’ campaign will be successful in the long term.

Get in touch, I’ll be more that happy to help you identify the best search queries and website repairs needed for your business. Free of charge and obligation.