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Website designer in Warrington reaching out to help local business adapt to Covid-19

Buying habits are fast changing, the pandemic has brought forward rapidly a change in our habits and only the companies that adapt to these changes will survive this pandemic long term. Things will not go back to the way they were before, people are finding more efficient ways to buy the products or services they want.

If your business does not or cannot adapt, don’t be surprised when your competitors do.

Catchy web design, a local web designer in Warrington, is ready to help you identify how your business can best take advantage of the internet and guide you through the whole way. To start we’ll help you take stock of your online profile, how that fits into your market sector and discuss the options available to you.

The main areas of focus,

  • How people find you online?
  • What they are looking for?
  • Is your website geared to convert visitors to customers?

SEO ‘’Key Search Queries’’

Search engines categorise your website content to meet the latest online searches, these are relevant to localised searches too. Organic search traffic will find your website content, meaning free website visitors, using these search terms. There are specific guidelines to how this information must be presented to the search engines, including the content written on the front website pages.

We’ll help you do a full assessment, using independent online tools, on your current website.

Pay Per Click

Facebook or Google pay per click advertising can be a quick way to get your message to that target audience, often as cheap as 1p per impression. But, it is really important that your website supports that message and is geared to help visitors navigate to the information they want.

Short video is proven to be a fantastic tool for Pay per Click advertising.

Website Repair

Sometimes a little adjusting to your existing website is all that’s needed to get your online Sales & Marketing campaign on track, so often we find websites built without any thought to SEO. A full independent assessment will establish what needs to be done.

No point having a website if you don’t keep it working as best it can.

New website design & development

More business are selling or offering booking services online, you may want to do the same to claim your market share. We can help, it does not have to be expensive either and will be designed for maximum return on investment.

Some people build their own websites, I assume they build their own manufacturing equipment and delivery vehicles too. It’s all possible of course, but I prefer to have my car serviced by a professional and focus on what I do well to earn a living.

Get in touch today, we are ready to help you take your business into the future.