SEO and website maintenance package by Catchy web design

Catchy web design offers a website maintenance and seo package for only £225 per month, that delivers organic search results with ‘’keywords’’ and ‘’search queries’’ best suited to your products & services.

For example, one of our regular customers without any PPC or paid advertising, attracts over 500 organic website clicks a month. These clicks are directly related to searches (in this case 17 keywords), meaning people actively interested in a product or service, that click through for more information. If 10% are converted to sales opportunities, that 50 hot leads.

What is the value of a new customer to your business? A little investment will pay dividends..

Google seo searches Catchy web design

How do we do it?

1. Identify your keywords and search queries, that are best suited to your business. Planning is vital for long-term success of any seo (search engine optimisation) campaign, making sure the targeted keywords and search queries will attract your target audience very important.

There are a variety of tools available to help with this, including Google keyword planner. We can check what the average monthly search volumes are and competition status.


KEYWORDS for seo Catchy web design


2. Website repairs, Not all websites are built equal, at least 80% of the websites I test score poorly when tested against industry standards. A large portion do not register a single keyword or search query and completely invisible to the internet.

The better your website structure and seo foundation, the more keywords and favourable search engine rankings achievable.

Repairs are normally straightforward, but have to be done manually and cost is dependent of the page count.


SEO Report Catchy web design


3. Ongoing website maintenance, SEO, software & security updates. Like all software, your website database needs maintenance and updating for peak performance & security. With the help of independent SEO checkers, ongoing adjustments to your online SEO campaign will ensure your fair share of business.

This extra effort will be noticed by your website users and search engines too, resulting in better engagement from visitors and higher ranking by the search engines.

4. Google business profile, claim your google business listing and install both google analytics ID and webmaster tools code (incl sitemap). Google webmaster tool and analytics are great for keeping track of your website performance, user stats etc and google business profile helps with location searches.

Many business don’t make enough use of a google business listing,


Google business listing Catchy web design


Pricing at £7.14 per day or £225 per month is really affordable, especially when compared to market rates and results delivered.

What is included in our monthly seo & website maintenance packages?

1. ongoing seo

2. website security & software updates

3. site database maintenance

4. regular posts to social media

5. regular reporting

Get in touch today, without obligation, I’ll be happy to

1. run a full report & score on your website

2. check monthly search volumes of your products & services

3. answer your questions jargon free