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Website Repair

Almost all the websites we have checked, when compared to industry standards for site construction and search engine optimisation, have not scored very well.  Most people don’t know how to check and are completely unaware.  There are no quick fixes.  Buying back links or paying for an SEO blast will not bring any better results.

Catchy web design

The same old methods apply.  A quality build followed up with regular maintenance.

There are various reasons why, but mainly because industry standards are not followed at development stage and updates to software are not made on a regular basis. Scores measure optimisation, site navigation & speed etc; relating to your visitor experience from search to on site activity.

Your online profile is a reflection of your business, part of your Sales & Marketing efforts, a little investment makes for good business.

We can help by correcting the errors highlighted in your independent report - price as quoted.


GDPR Compliance

Catchy web design

It is the law and has been since May 2018. 

Why do you need to be GDPR Compliant?

It is essential that your website is GDPR compliant. Your site will not legally be permitted to collect any data from clients through the site without it. That means you will not be allowed to take any communications from clients as it is a data collecting exercise. You will not be allowed to run Google Analytics from the site either and your site will not be allowed to use Cookies which means it cannot run effectively.


A few key points
Consent, in plain terms users will need to ‘’opt in’’ and give consent for the use of their data. The user must also have easy access to withdraw that consent.
Right to access, users have the right to request free of charge all the information held on them and what it is used for.
Right to be forgotten, entitles the data subject to have all data relevant to them erased.

Here is a link to an easy read resource for more information -

Is it worth the risk? No business is exempt.
We have you covered for £275

Google Profile

Your Google Business listing is associated with your business location and Google maps.

Your listing has to be verified confirming the physical address of your business, which is done with a verification pin code posted by Google or telephoned to your business land line by a Google representative.

Catchy web design

You can highlight products and services here, helping customers locate you through Google maps and organic search queries associated to location. 

Another way to engage with your online audience.

Google Analytics help you keep track of your website user activity.

You can pull regular reports:
How many users?
Where they come from
How long they stay
What pages they are looking at
Search queries and rankings

Vital information for your online marketing campaign.


We can set up your Google Profile for only £275