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Website Repair

We can repair your website, if it is not working for you. Like all software it needs both security and software updates to run efficiently and ongoing maintenance for the best possible results.

We can also help you identify the ‘’key search queries’’ best suited to your business, to keep you ahead of the search engine rankings versus your competition.

A little investment in your website is good for business.

Why should you fix your website?

It’s your representation online, how people view your business and the quality of your services. A poor experience online, makes it less likely for your website visitor to make contact and it is easier for them to move onto the next site until they find what they are looking for.

A site not running as it should is costing you money.

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How do we fix your website?

Identity issues for repair

To start we’ll run it through an independent online checker, like, for a complete report. This report includes an seo score out of 100 and all errors listed in groups as Tech & Meta Data, Structure and Content.

We’ll do that for Free and we’ll check with Google for your key search queries value (searches per month) as an added extra, so you have a complete picture of your online profile.

website repair and maintenace

Planned Action

Working to an agreed cost and time table, we’ll set to work repairing your website issues and installing the ‘’key search queries’’ we have identified as suitable; including all navigation, software, security & browser version updates.

It’s a complete and thorough update.

Measurable Results

Once we have completed work, we will run another independent report as a check, in most cases we can improve scores of 40 or 50/100 to higher that 90/100. Measured against the initial report, the improvements will be plain to see, for your piece of mind.

Dependent on the competition for your ‘’key search queries’’ you could see improvements within weeks or a few months.

The updated software & security, navigation and browser version will make the user experience so much better; making it easier for visitors to user and increase buyer confidence.

Repairing your website makes good business sense

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