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We are just about two years into the new GDPR regulations, but there are still websites going live that are not compliant. The regulations are clear and penalties severe, so why are so many newly developed and updated websites flouting the law? So why are new websites going online that are not GDPR compliant?


As defined by the ICO – Information Commissioners Office

‘’What information does the GDPR apply to?

The GDPR applies to ‘personal data’, which means any information relating to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified in particular by reference to an identifier.

You can find more detail in the key definitions section of our Guide to the GDPR.’’


Data Protection is nothing new.

The new GDPR regulations replace the existing Data Protection ACT of 1998 in the United Kingdom. Technology has moved on since then, your website and online activity has been included in the new regulations.


What has your website got to do with GDPR?

1. You are probably now aware, but most websites use ‘’cookies’’ to help with site speed and visitor experience. For cookies to operate your site will collect browser date from your website visitor, aiding loading time and site navigation.

2. The most obvious is the contact web-form collecting personal information, regulations apply to the transfer and use of that data. Also, remember that users have the right to be forgotten and must only ‘’opt in’’ to any sales and marketing communications from you. Also he guidelines state, which most ignore, that users should have easy access to your privacy policy when submitting a web-form.

3. Google analytics users your website user data to generate various reports, this includes location and IP details. These are included as data in the GDPR regulations.

4. Any shopping or order process websites are under even more scrutiny, with more detailed privacy policy and data handling required to meet the regulation.


Who is responsible?

Well, surely your website developer should be responsible? A professional developer will of course give you the right advice and guidance, but ultimately it is up to you as the website owner to ensure regulations are met.


GDPR Compliance Officer contact info

Did you know your website must have the contact details for your GDPR Compliance Officer?

The regulations demand that website users can quickly and easily access the contact details of the person responsible for the handling of their data. The full contact details including name, telephone, address and email must be available.


User has the right to request a report on all the information your hold of them and also the right to be forgotten. If they have previously ‘’opted in’’ to receive communications from you, they can also ask that you stop and update their data preferences to match.


You cannot charge them for this report unless they abuse the system with excessive requests.


Avoiding the hassle of dealing with a complaint or even the potential fine if found in breach of GDPR regulations should be enough incentive for anyone, but what about another point of view.


A compliant website shows your website visitors that you are serious about business and take their data protection seriously. Building confidence with your audience, encouraging them to engage with your organisation and ultimately improving your business opportunities.


It is not very expensive to meet the latest GDPR regulations; adding a policy link to your web-forms' personalised cookies & privacy policy is a start. Get in touch today and get 10% discount from our standard rate of £275 - https://catchywebdesign.co.uk/services/website-gdpr-compliance-really-important


GDPR Compliance is your responsibility and ignorance is not an excuse.


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