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Keep control of your new website development project, a few tips

I have put together a few tips to help you keep control of your new website development project, skip through the jargon and get the best possible result.

I have a few suggestions for you,

1. Google analytics is free, a tool designed to help you measure the activity on your website. Make sure Google tracking is installed, connected to a Google profile you control and have access to. Invest a bit of time into understanding the various reports on offer, it is really not as difficult as it sounds and will help you manage your website better.

2. For a website to run it needs a domain name, which in effect is the website address, like a physical address online. Your website database will use DNS settings to allow visitors to view the content on your website, after they find your website through search engine or by following a link. It can be a really important asset to your business, costing about £10 per year (dependent on domain) and important that registration includes your details.

3. Activate your Google business listing, include your website address and input all the information about your business at that location. It is free and will help people navigate with Google maps to your premises or display information about your products and services. You can also check up on ‘Insights’ that will give you all the information about the users of your Google business listing.

4. Just like any other product or service you purchase for your business, request evidence of any promises from your website developer. For example there are various independent online seo checkers, so you can run your own tests or at very least expect a report supplied at the end of works.


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