Key Search Queries and online seo campaign

GOT YOUR KEY SEARCH QUERIES ORGANISED, GREAT THAT IS A FANTASTIC START. Running your key search queries through Google is the starting point for any online marketing campaign. By identifying and understanding how your product & services key search queries impact on your search engine optimisation efforts is extremely important, you are on route to SEO success.


Understanding the competition

Google keyword planner can be used to run through your ‘’key search queries’’, for an indication of the average monthly search volume and competition level. Be sure to include all your products and services, build a full picture of your online profile potential.


Now you will have a very good idea on how much competition there is for your key search queries and how much effort will be needed to rank favourably.

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Put your key search queries to work

Organising your key search queries and allocating them to specific areas & pages on your website, will help you best work out how you want to put them to work. For example, a user will make their way to your website via a Google search, directed to a page relevant to their search. By understanding that and planning for visitors arrivals that way, you can present the best-suited message to encourage sales conversion.


Regular checks and tweaks are advisable for peak SEO results.


Measure the progress of your SEO efforts

Google Analytics is the tool to use. Measures all website traffic to your website, how they arrived and their activity.


Overview - Users/new users, sessions and number of sessions per user, page views including duration and number of pages viewed is all useful information. For me, the ‘’bounce rate’’ is probably the most important bit of information, the lower the rate the better. The bounce rate is a measurement of what percentage of users left after viewing only one page. A low bounce rate is a good indicator that users find the content on your website useful and your call to action is working, between 40 & 60% is average.


Acquisition – Will let you know how your visitors arrived at your website; organic search engine, direct, referral or social. Organic visitors via search engines, direct input of your site url, a referral from other sites and social via a social media profile.


Behaviour – How your visitors arrive at and use your website. Knowing your top 10 web pages is useful, allowing you to adapt and tailor your online marketing efforts.

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