new website development must be planned

So many businesses are not reaching the full potential with their website or online profile, but it really doesn’t have to be like that. For a little bit of time and effort directed in the right direction, real results are not that far away.

‘’your online marketing efforts are not dissimilar to traditional sales & marketing, the same principles apply. Buy cheap buy twice, there are no short cuts or special clicks. Time and invested wisely will deliver results’’

I hear this all the time, ‘’we get nothing from our website, might as well not have one’’ or ‘’we have spent so much money on new websites over the years, without any return’’. Completely understandable, you are in business and want to see a return on any investment.

It is well documented that a professionally designed and developed website, supported by an active online profile, is a major asset for any sales and marketing efforts. Companies of all sizes are taking advantage at a budget that suits them.

‘’Your reputation is online, every business no matter how big or small has to take this seriously’’

Perhaps if you looked at your online profile; website, social media and google business listing a little differently. Took a moment to work out what you really want to achieve and how you could measure that, maybe you will start seeing results.

From the perspective of ‘’organic search query results’’ or seo (search engine optimisation), I suggest you take some time to work out what ‘’key search queries’’ meet your business services and products. Without understanding these you can’t expect to encourage the ‘’right type’’ of visitors to your website, people who are actively looking for your products and services.

Organic search visitors are like gold, they are actively looking for your products and services’’

Forget about volumes of website traffic, because visitors who ‘’bounce’’ off your website are doing harm to your search engine ranking. A bounced visitor is someone who followed a link to your website, but left after viewing only one page. It is common sense, to the search engine it seems that visitor has not found what they are looking for or there is not enough information to encourage the visitor to link through to other related pages. A high bounce rate, 40 to 60% is acceptable, will affect your seo score.

Going back to basics, understanding what your potential customers ‘’key search queries’’ and what information to offer when they land on that page is extremely important. I suggest you organise these into your main business type, for example ‘’Dentist’’ and then services ‘’fillings, whitening etc’’. Breaking this up into organised grouping helps you tailor the message to suit the reader and for the search engines marking clear defined areas within your website.

There are various tools you can use to help you determine the most suitable ‘’key search queries’’, starting with Google keywords, which is exactly where I would suggest you started.

By understanding what your ‘’key search queries’’ are, you can track how your website is performing and measure your progress.

Don’t focus on a flash website design, absolutely worthless if people can’t find your website. Your website design and development must be planned and organised to deliver the best possible results.

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