Website Maintenance and SEO for successful sites

Catchy web design

Common scenario

Ok great the new website is live, after some serious time and effort, there are huge expectations of a return on this investment of. However, all too often, those expectations are met with disappointment.

Stage two, buy in a quick fix SEO company to spin some magic on the internet and make your website the stand out on. Only to end with more disappointment and the belief that your business is not suited to the internet, that your customers are not online. Wrong, your customers and potential customers are online.

It is in your best business interest to make the most of your online profile, people expect to find online –

  • Useful information, about the item they are looking for
  • Up to date and relevant to the topic
  • Supported with active social media profiles
  • Easy to view & navigate on smartphone or tablet
  • Accurate contact information

So what are your options then? Well you can hire someone internally to do this for you or perhaps a marketing company to handle it, but really those are expensive options.

At £7.40 per day your business can afford to let Catchy web design get this done properly for you, with monthly reports on progress to help you keep track.

Monthly Website Maintenance & Organic SEO Package

Designed to help your business present your website as up to date resource for your website visitors and work on a target set of ‘key search queries’ for top organic search engine ranking.

If we designed and developed your website it will be seo ready, if not we will have to check it and test it against an industry standard seo checker making repairs were needed. We will help you claim ownership of your Google Business listing/s and populate the content and install Google analytics tracker for ongoing reporting. Pricing is dependent on work needed and quoted in advance.


  • Website maintenance
  • Content updates or changes
  • Website software & security updates
  • Web browser version updates
  • Directory registration
  • Social media posts
  • Google Business listing posts and information updates
  • News story uploads
  • Monthly reports, Google analytics
  • Ongoing online sales & marketing support and advice
  • Reduced rates on further website development

At £50 per week or £7.40 a day we know our organic SEO package is excellent value.

Catchy web design

Monthly Organic SEO Package with PPC (pay per click advertising)

Organic search traffic is great and ranking on the front page will help you attract new business, but not all online business is achieved this way. Other ways to reach potential customers is through PPC advertising on Google or through social media boosts on Facebook.

PPC or pay per click advertising on Google can deliver quick results, especially when offering a special or seasonal item that people will buy impulsively. It is useful in the way we can set the demographics and profiles of the people we are targeting, then set a budget for that campaign and you only pay for click on the advert.

There are no set fees, because we are competing for that space with other companies and the highest budget will get the most exposure.

Facebook boost is becoming very popular, also with the ability to set demographics etc with a budget. If localised for example with Facebook you could often reach a few thousand people for as little as £20

Both Google and Facebook offer detailed reporting on the progress of your adverts, making it easier to work out what approach works best and streamline the approach.


Monthly Organic SEO Package - £7.40 per day or £225 per month

PPC or Facebook boosts - £35 each plus advert cost