How healthy is your business online profile

We are reaching out to help local business, keen to build strong relations with our business neighbours, so we took a bit of time to investigate the online health of a select group of nearby businesses and we were a bit shocked at the results.

A large percentage are not GDPR compliant, legislation that came into effect May 2018 and has serious consequences. (Organizations in breach of GDPR can be fined up to 4% of annual global turnover or €20 Million (whichever is greater). Here is an easy read resource -

GDPR compliance


Not many are making use of a Google Business listing, a free service linked to Google maps. A really positive tool, if used correctly will help an audience find your business. You can add regular posts, pictures, videos and information about your business. If left unattended you could miss questions asked or content that may not be relevant that is auto added, which will have a negative impact on your business image. Learn more -

google business listing

Almost all have a website, but very few score well when compared to industry standards for site construction and search engine optimisation. Definitely missing opportunities, but most people don’t know how to check and completely unaware.

seo checker site tool


It makes good business sense to ensure your website is running at optimum and your online portfolio reflects your business accurately, it represents your business and does effect users perceptions. With a little help and minimal expense, you could easily make good and start improving the results from your online profile.


Ok, so how can we help?

For GDPR compliance relating to your website (regulations are not restricted to your website) can be dealt with via a ‘’privacy policy’’ placed on your website in easy access for users You could also have a ‘’cookies policy’’ with a pop up option for users to continue by accepting your cookies policy. We have linked up with a solicitor GDPR specialist and will produce a GDPR policy personalised to your business.


Google Business Listing, we’ll help you claim ownership of your location/s if you don’t have ownership already and then we can populate with your business information and link to your website. You can highlight specific products with supporting pictures or videos and we can even post pictures and videos of your premises. We’ll show you how to check ‘’insights’’ to measure progress.


Site structure repairs and optimisation. Often new sites are not developed with a thorough seo foundation or not been maintained to meet the ever changing specifications. CMS (content management websites) need ongoing maintenance, software and security updates for premium performance. Simple things like site speed and settings to the latest browsers, especially for smartphone and tablet compatibility will affect both search engine ranking and of course user experience.


Working to an independent site checker tool we will make repairs and optimise as needed, which is easily measurable by running the same tool after work is complete.


What about the cost?

Personalised GDPR policy for your website is £175 for a basic policy (shopping etc quoted per project). Read more -

Google business listing and installation of Google analytics tracker is £275 – read more

Site structure update and SEO update is priced per project, dependent on how your website has been developed and what work is needed. (charged at £40 per hour)


We also offer an ongoing site maintenance and seo package, designed to keep your online profile healthy and delivering the best possible results for your business. Check out more information here -


Why not get in touch today? Let’s do a free health check on your business online profile.