Invest in your website today for new sales opportunities

Investing in your website development will pay.

Investing time, effort and money into your website and online portfolio now will pay. This pandemic has forced the world online at a much faster rate than natural progression, the best companies are moving quickly too and reaping the rewards.

Making it easier for your customers to source and purchase your services & products, when people are getting tired of long queues, will definitely be appreciated by your customers. A simple and reliable payment process is a guaranteed hit.

Open your products and services to everyone, including the people who are extra cautious about social distancing or won’t wait in a queue. Give your business very opportunity to meet the needs of your customers and in doing so ensure your sales growth.

What changes can you make to your website?

The best place to start is updating your website content, include all your latest products & services. Ideally you are in or get into the habit of doing this on a regular basis or your online profile quickly becomes dated and people won’t be able to find what they are looking for.

Make sure you think about how people visiting your website will search for items, what information they need to confirm a sale and what other supporting items they could find useful.

How can you make it easier for your customers to buy?

Thinking along the lines of social distancing and reducing waiting time for your customers, adding value to the service you offer.

Reduce queuing by allowing people the option to order for collection or delivery, a little bit of thought and adjustments to your website development will be well received by your customers.

What about the impact of online sales on your staff?

Companies are forced to staff resources to maintain customer social distancing and everything else Covid-19 related. Reducing your staff exposure to this is both beneficial to your workforce and also the cost to your business.

By developing your website to better service your customers will help you better manage the face to face interaction with your customers. You also have the added benefit of packing orders during less busy times or after hours.

Save in labour costs, make better use of your business working hours and reduce the risk for your employees.

What will an improved website do for your business?

Investing a bit of time and resources on your website development and online profile will definitely improve the effectiveness of your online campaign. Making is easier for people to search and locate the items they are looking for, then purchase for collection or delivery, is guaranteed to increase your online sales potential.

A user friendly, easy to navigate website is what your customers expect and will go to the competition if that is the only place they can get that service level.

The technology is affordable, the return on investment has never been faster and business has the opportunity to develop a website designed as a functioning part of their operation.

From the simplest task like booking a time to use your facilities or for you to visit your customer at theirs, make the process safer & easier. An online booking facility is the ultimate social distance solution, allowing your customers to interact with you on their terms.

You have the added advantage of reducing your administration costs and payment upfront too. Introducing your Covid-19 policy terms of service at this stage is a perfect way to keep all people involved safe and in agreement.

Help with your website development

Catchy web design is a local website designer & developer, experienced and ready to help you make the most of your online business portfolio. Please get in touch today, let’s meet up and discuss your requirement (obligation free of course).

Investing in your website and online profile is good for business.

You win, your customers and staff win too.